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We Specializes on
    • Commercial Kitchen Space Planning & Design

    • Complete Kitchen Set-Up and Contracting

    • Area Planning, Utilization and Optimization

    • Equipment Fabrication & Customization

    • Exhaust and Fresh Air Ducting System

    • LPG Piping System Design & Installation

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Established since 1980’s

Thanks to all the given reputation and opportunities MSM Kitchen Sdn. Bhd. has become one of the leading kitchen equipment suppliers in Malaysia. The standards of our product and our first class technical supports have been parallel with world class and in achieving maximum satisfaction of our clients, we ought to provide one stop solutions to customers from consultation, fabrication, standard equipment, installation and testing commissioning.

For more than 30 years, our teams of expert have been and will continue to research and develop in striving to deliver finer quality products, investing our resources in creating cost-effective products. We as well ought to ensure first-class services to all our customers, enabling us the capability of being one of the top refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the world.

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Established in Local Industry

Local vs Overseas Project

Balance Equipment Supplied

Fabricated vs Imported Equipment

Seasoned Kitchen Planner

Well-Trained, Experienced and Knowledgeable